About Capency

With more than 12 years of experience, Capency has become the benchmark in the data market with a large portfolio of solutions processing the entire customer data lifecycle in France and internationally (address, email, phone numbers, etc.).:

  • Data Quality software ensures the quality and reliability of contact information to optimize your marketing and CRM actions.
  • Data rental/enrichment services allow you to conquer a new potential target or obtain missing data from your existing customers to communicate through new channels.


While always striving to be attentive to our customers and satisfy them, we support you from the needs analysis, in order to determine the solutions best suited to your situation, until the integration of our software into your environment. The goal is to help you manage your project within your different constraints!

Our values



Our partnership program

Capency has set up a partnership program with specialized companies such as:

  • Software publishers and integrators
  • Agencies
  • Service providers
  • ...
Connectors on web platforms, and CRM are also available. Please contact us for more information.

The benefits of becoming a partner

  • Establish a lasting relationship with a constantly growing company
  • Take advantage of the strong technical and commercial proximity
  • Collaborate on certain joint projects
  • Integrate our solutions into your range of products or services
  • Share advertising on different media

Becoming a partner

Job offers

Joining Capency means participating in the development of a major player specializing in customer data management, which is experiencing steady and sustained growth in its market. It also means seizing the chance to work in a high-level technological environment, while constantly progressing.

PHP – Full Stack (H/F) developer

Indeterminate contract

C/C++ developer analyst (H/F)

Indeterminate contract

Commercial engineers (H/F)

Indeterminate contract
Would you like to join us? Send your application (CV and cover letter) to rh@capency.com