The challenges of online stores

In recent years, online stores have multiplied, leading to a change in consumer behavior. The consumer no longer looks just for the most attractive price, but also wants to optimize his/her shopping experience from any media (computers, tablets, smartphones) at any time and save time.

Some figures

68% of users leave a site due to poor user experience*

One of the reasons: 10% Order process is too long or a problem validating it*

76% of people say the most important thing is the ease of use of the site*

Guiding the user increases consumer satisfaction by 30% on average*

25 % of internet users quit their order when they cannot identify their input errors*

The solution benefits offered for e-merchants / Pure Players
Improvement of transformation rates and the user experience (UX) with:

- Input assistance to allow the user to quickly validate their contact details
- Assistance as the user fills in the fields and clearly indicates errors to the user, when necessary

Speed of data entry and user support

To complete a form without input assistance, it takes an average of 72 seconds (Title, Last Name, Email, Telephone, Postal Address). With the auto-completion modules on the same fields, 23 seconds are enough!

Sleek design

With a reduction of the visual load and the number of fields to complete

Reduced costs related to errors

Handling of parcel return, customer contact, reshipment, etc.

The preferred e-merchant / pure player solutions
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