Search for preexistence in real time to avoid
the creation of a duplicate


Enrichment of company files with different
codes (SIRET code, NAF code, APE code, etc.)


In real time, CAP MATCH: identification of a contact during its creation to avoid duplicates

  • Preexistence search: during a new entry, Cap MATCH performs a real time search to ascertain if the customer file exists in the database to avoid the creation of duplicates.
  • Operation:
    - The customer chooses the fields to implement to conduct the preexistence search (last name, first name, postal code, etc.)
    - When entering a name, Cap MATCH identifies existing customer contact information in the database
    - Cap MATCH returns the customer file or the data closest to the entry

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In batch mode, CAP DEDUP: identification, deletion and merger of duplicates contained in the database

  • CAP DEDUP enables you to identify and merge your duplicates contained in the database through file-level (processing performed on a single file) and/or block-level (processing performed on several files) deduplication operations:
    The different types of processing offered by CAP DEDUP:
    Processing HOUSEHOLD: gathers all the members of the same household.
    Processing INDIVIDU: gathers all similar individuals.
    Processing CORPORATE NAMES: gathers all similar corporate names.
    Processing CORPORATE NAMES WITH CONTACTS: gathers all the similar people from the same company.

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  • In real time: The solutions are based on web services that can be hosted either at the customer (license mode) or on Capency servers (SaaS mode). These web services are accessible either in XML/SOAP or in JSON/REST.
  • In batch mode: Operation on Windows or Linux
    Software developed in C language
    The solutions accept all types of input files (Fixed, with separator, etc.) and can reconstitute the output file into different formats


  • Cost reduction: one dispatch per target, reduction of manual updates of the database.
  • Enhancement of the image of the company: customers/prospects contacted only once during marketing actions.
  • No loss of information following file-level/block-level deduplication operations.
  • Optimization of your MDM project thanks to qualified and standardized data.