IRIS – Islands Grouped for Statistical Information - refers to the divisions of the French territory performed by INSEE.

Capency has developed a new functionality allowing the allocation of socio-demographic data from your postal addresses with a breakdown along 27 profiles:

  • In batch mode, the information is retrieved during the processing performed on an address file.
  • In real time, when creating or updating a customer file, socio-demographic data is automatically assigned when validating a postal address.

Demonstration video


Used in the field of geomarketing, gridding is a new method of dividing the French territory into regular meshes, square shapes and with a fixed size (2.3 million tiles of 200x200m) enabling the acquisition of much more detailed socio-demographic information that is more representative of the population (France, Martinique and Réunion).

From our postal address, Capency provides the data that enables the identification of the tile in which the data subject belongs. Statistical data from various population censuses and INSEE surveys are then collected: the number of individuals, size of households, housing information, age groups, number of owners/tenants, tax income, and so forth. To learn more about the information found by the grid: click here


  • In real time: The solutions are based on web services that can be hosted either at the customer (license mode) or on Capency servers (SaaS mode). These web services are accessible either in XML/SOAP or in JSON/REST.
  • In batch mode: Operation on Windows or Linux
    Software developed in C language
    The solutions accept all types of input files (Fixed, with separator, etc.) and can reconstitute the output file into different formats


  • Identify the potential of your market by determining the areas to conquer and the high cannibalization zones
  • Adjust your marketing and communication operations depending on how far your customers are from your location area
  • Make trips to your customers/prospects profitable by precisely locating the geographic location of your contacts