Your deliverability rates depend on the quality of your email address database. Hardbounces (invalid emails) considerably influence your reputation with ISPs, your performance indicators and therefore the success of your email campaigns.
In order to maintain the quality of your email address database, Cap Adresse has developed a service allowing you to filter and correct your hardbounces; between 10 to 15% of emails considered as hardbounces by your router will be reactivated thanks to our service.

Provision of the service:

First step: email database processing

The principle of this service is to analyze and correct your email address databases. TheCap EMAIL BATCHsoftware will analyze the structure/syntax, check the existence of the domain name and identify disposable, blacklisted email addresses (ex:

Second step: database routing

Following the processing, database routing is performed with the use of a dedicated IP address, still blank, so as not to impact yours.

Third step: results of the campaign

After routing all of your contacts, Capency performs a statistical assessment by listing the email addresses that have been delivered, the softbounces, openers, clickers, unsubscribers and complaints.

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  • Preserve the reputation of your IP address by routing with valid emails
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns by increasing the deliverability rate
  • Resume contact with your customers through this communication channel