Financial organizations (banking, insurance, mutual, credit, games, etc.) have the obligation to identify two categories of people in their database:

  • Politically exposed persons "PEP" who occupy or have occupied an important public office for less than one year.
  • Persons or legal entities subject to asset freeze sanctions resulting in an inability to use their accounts and capital.

  • To do this, Capency offers the CAP RISK solution, making it possible to identify PEP and those subject to asset freezes in real time by way of a call to a web service or through the database processes from a dedicated platform in order to identify PEPs & asset freeze subjects with history tracking management.


    In real time, CAP RISK: identify Politically Exposed People (PEP) and/or those for whom an asset freeze has been issued

    • Identification of PEP/asset freezes upon data entry: the user enters the customer information: last name, first name, date of birth. At all front-end locations (agency, intranet, CRM, etc.), through a call to a web service, CAP RISK will check the presence of the person in the database and return one or more propositions (if the individual is present).

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    In batch mode, CAP RISK: identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and/or those for whom an asset freeze has been issued

    • Identification of PEP/Asset freezes in the database: CAPENCY offers an automated processing chain using the CAP DEDUP solution to identify matches between the customer database and the PEP/Asset freeze files. History tracking management will also be offered as an option so that a person identified during an initial processing is not proposed again.

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    • In real time: The solutions are based on web services that can be hosted either at the customer (license mode) or on Capency servers (SaaS mode). These web services are accessible either in XML/SOAP or in JSON/REST.
    • In batch mode: Operation on Windows or Linux
      Software developed in C language
      The solutions accept all types of input files (Fixed, with separator, etc.) and can reconstitute the output file into different formats


    • A concrete and operational response to consolidate your LAB-FT system
    • Optimize your processing, save time
    • Reduce your regulatory risk and your reputational risk