Real time assistance with the input
of the title, first name and last name


Correction of first and last names
contained in the database


In real time, CAP NAME: assisted input on the title, first and last name on your forms/collection tools

  • Consistency and assistance on the input of titles/first names: For each character entered, CAP NAME returns a list of first names refined as entered (Repository of 30,000 first names built by CAPENCY in different countries).
    If the user has previously selected a title, then CAP NAME will perform a search on first names of the same sex.
    If the user has previously entered his/her first name, then CAP NAME will automatically assign a title according to the gender: male or female.
  • Assistance with entering last names:
    CAP NAME assists the user when entering their last name.
    Specificity: display of names by weighting.

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In batch mode, CAP TITLE: correction of first and last names contained in the database

CAP TITLE BATCH enables the restructuring and standardization of the first address line in order to format it, upon its output, according to the postal standard:

  • Identification of the first name/last name and placement into the corresponding field
  • Correction or assignment of the title corresponding to the first name
  • Specific processes on given names: Martin Jean Baptiste becomes M. Jean-Baptiste MARTIN
  • Detection of information not relating to the recipient
  • Break up of the Last name/First name line into two fields: Last name + First name

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  • In real time: The solutions are based on web services that can be hosted either at the customer (license mode) or on Capency servers (SaaS mode). These web services are accessible either in XML/SOAP or in JSON/REST.
  • In batch mode: Operation on Windows or Linux
    Software developed in C language
    The solutions accept all types of input files (Fixed, with separator, etc.) and can reconstitute the output file into different formats


  • Avoiding inconsistencies between the title and first name
  • Targeting your marketing campaigns: Male/Female
  • Enhancement of the image of the company: Consistency between the titles and first names, Line 1 and 2 of the address written in the postal standard
  • Optimizing file-level and block-level deduplication operations with a structured database