Capency x Salesforce Connectors

Discover our connectors with our partner Salesforce: CMS/E-commerce (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) & CRM (front-end: Salesforce Lightning and batch).

Our management of data quality solutions are integrated into the Salesforce environment via several connectors:

Used in the creation of e-commerce projects, this cloud platform makes it possible to manage all activities without worrying about server hosting. Our connector enables our joint customers to benefit from our solutions directly on their e-commerce site forms, easily and without the need for integration.

Salesforce Lightning is Salesforce’s CRM platform. Fully customizable, it optimizes data analysis and sales productivity. Our Capency customer data management solutions, integrated into Salesforce customer files, enable faster, error-free data entry.

Gain: No integration required to take advantage of autocomplete fields and data entry quality

Thanks to the Capency x Salesforce Batch connector, you can keep your captured data up to date, without having to deal with file extracts.

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