JustFab is an online fashion boutique that offers items for all sizes and body types at affordable prices.

To successfully execute its data quality strategy, JustFab turned to CAPENCY for the implementation of customer contact verification solutions on its website.


Cart abandonment during address entry.


Time savings observed by users at the “delivery” step.


Since 2013

Client of CAPENCY for postal address verification with the implementation of CAP ADDRESS.


  • JustFab relies on 4 data verification providers for its various European markets (Germany, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom). To simplify the management of data for these websites, JustFab aims for a unified integration with a common software provider.
  • Revamp of the checkout process with the addition of assisted input to streamline the customer journey.

Addition of new features:

In September 2021, JustFab implemented Capency solutions for:

  • Having a single integration for its various markets, simplifying the consolidation of data.
  • Improving the user experience by redesigning web forms and adding our address input assistance modules to provide the best possible support to the customer throughout their purchasing journey.


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