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Assisted data entry and enrichment of business contact details
SIRET identification for enhancing your business files

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Autocompletion and automatic filling of business contact details on your collection points (point-of-sale software, website, CRM/ERP, etc.)


CAP B2B is a software designed to facilitate the entry of company information (address, SIRET, NAF code, APE code, staff size category, etc.) while ensuring the validity of the stored data.

CAP B2B is based on the INSEE reference base in partnership with HBS Research.

Capency now utilizes the reference base from the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) trademarks file, enabling the retrieval of French trademark names and associating them with companies.

For European trademarks, CAP B2B goes through the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

Two data entry engines are available for CAP B2B according to your needs

Assistance during data entry

display of suggestions as you type


of the company’s data set

platform-b2B CAPENCY

Partner connectors available for quick integration time

Batch mode

Siret identification

Correction and enrichment of your business files (SIRET number, NAF code, APE code…)


Every year, many companies see their data evolve and/or undergo changes related to relocations, reorganizations, etc.

To keep your B2B data up-to-date and/or enriched, Capency offers to provide a SIRET identification service, which involves:

  • Comparing your file to the SIRENE database of INSEE
  • Enriching your database with the SIRET number (at the establishment level) and/or SIREN number (at the company level), staff size category, NAF code, APE code…

The benefits of our B2B enrichment solutions are:

in the information related to the company that is sometimes complex to fill in
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