LolaLiza was founded in 2001 by three entrepreneurs who shared the same desire: to create a fashionable and affordable clothing brand for all women.

To ensure the reliability of customer data collected from various channels and correct existing databases, LolaLiza has chosen Capency solutions.

Preventive objective

To collect valid emails in-store and online.

Curative objective

To have a reliable and standardized database.

Context and Challenges:

Email is a crucial data point at LolaLiza.

It is used for:

  • Enrolling in the loyalty program.
  • Sending communication campaigns through email.


LolaLiza expressed a desire to verify and ensure the reliability of the data collected both in-store and online.

Chosen Solutions


In-store: To ensure the real-time reliability of the email entered by the salesperson directly into the Winstore by Cegid cash register via the partner connector.
On the web: To ensure the reliability of the email from this channel and standardize the data quality in the database.


LolaLiza opts for CAP PHONE BATCH & CAP RNVP.
With the aim of standardizing the quality of all customer data, LolaLiza normalizes and verifies existing phone numbers and postal addresses in the database.


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