Success story


Success story

Bureau Vallée is a stationery, school supplies, and office supplies retailer with over 400 stores throughout France. The concept of this brand is innovative and digitized, offering customers a modern and convenient shopping experience.

Data quality is crucial for improving real-time customer data entry and cleansing the existing database.



With the implementation of data quality solutions like Capency, the estimated time for filling out a customer profile has significantly reduced from 60 seconds to just 15 seconds.



Multiple contacts (duplicates, triplicates, etc.)

Context and Challenges:

Following a complete overhaul of the technical infrastructure on both the website and in-store, Bureau Vallée was searching for a software provider that could address several key challenges:

  • The pursuit of omnichannel integration and a customer service approach to have comprehensive and reliable databases.
  • Improving in-store productivity, with the primary goal of providing excellent customer service and avoiding time wasted at the cash register or on non-value-added tasks.
  • Modernizing interfaces to make them more user-friendly for employees.
  • Enabling mobility to easily assist customers anywhere within the store.

The choice of coQliQo and Capency

In order to better identify customers, track their journeys, and have a comprehensive view of their history with the brand, Bureau Vallée opted for the Shop&Qo offering from coQliQo. This solution covers the back-office, all front-end functions, and transmits all customer information.

After selecting the point-of-sale software provider, the choice for a data quality software provider was made in favor of Capency, a partner of coQliQo.

The implementation of data quality solutions 

In 2021, Bureau Vallée implemented our real-time solutions in their stores:

  • CAP ADDRESS (assisted input and verification of postal addresses)
  • CAP B2B (assisted input and enrichment of company data)
  • CAP EMAIL (assisted input for complete email addresses)
  • CAP PHONE (verification of landline and mobile phone numbers)

Benefits of the integration

Time savings

During the information collection process with assisted input, once the "company name" field is filled in, the other information automatically pre-populates (postal codes, VAT number, SIRET, etc.).

Data reliability

Thanks to the verification and formatting of email addresses and phone numbers, issues such as unavailable phone numbers or incorrect input (such as using ".com" instead of ".fr" or typographical errors) have been resolved.

Database deduplication

A customer could be listed multiple times (4 or 5 times) with different names or through business accounts where the company name was not correctly spelled.

Obtaining consent and ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Thanks to the standardization of the collection process


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