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Real-time preexistence search
Deletion and merging of duplicates contained in the database

Real time


Solution for identifying an existing customer record to avoid creating duplicates from your collection points (point-of-sale software, website, CRM/ERP, etc.)


CAP MATCH will allow users to quickly and easily find existing customer records (by entering the information of their choice) to avoid creating duplicates

The key steps of the preexistence search with CAP MATCH

  • Entering a few pieces of information
    then validating to see if there is one or more match(es)
  • Identify existing customer contact details
    in the database and display proposals closer to the items entered
  • Result:
    If a match is found:
    the user verifies that the contact is indeed the one in question, and accesses the file in real time to validate, update, complete or delete obsolete information.
    If no match is returned (meaning that the customer is not present in the database), a new customer record can be safely created.

Partner connectors available for quick integration time

Batch mode


Identifying, deleting and merging duplicates in the database


CAP DEDUP enables you to identify and merge duplicates contained in your database via deduplication (operations carried out on a single file) and/or deduplication (operations carried out on several files).

The different types of processing offered by CAP DEDUP :
HOUSEHOLD processing: Gathers all members of the same household.
INDIVIDUAL processing: Gathers all similar individuals.
CORPORATE NAME processing: Gathers all similar corporate names.
CORPORATE NAME WITH CONTACTS processing: Gathers all similar people from the same company.

The benefits of our duplicate identification modules

Advanced features

Phonetic/dyslexic support, field cross-referencing and locality search, even if the postal code entered is incorrect

Hollow words management

(generic word to be removed during processing…)


No restrictions on the number of fields, history of enrichment performed, analysis of information validity before enrichment

GDPR compliant

All our solutions comply with current standards

The benefits of our duplicate identification solutions

one mailing per target, reducing the need for manual database updates
customers/prospects reached once by marketing campaigns
following deduplication operations
thanks to qualified and standardized data
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