Civility / Surname / First name

Data quality

Civility / Surname / First name

Assistance with data entry and validation of title, first name, and last name
Correction of first names and last names stored in the database

real time


Assisted data entry and validation of title, first name, and last name on your forms and collection channels (point-of-sale software, website, CRM/ERP, etc.).


CAP NAME is a tool designed to assist the user in entering the first name and last name to save time. The tool will provide a suggestion for names and first names with each keystroke, drawing from official repositories (INSEE) or built by Capency in different countries, while maintaining correlation between the entered elements.

The key steps in the control of title, first name, and last name by CAP NAME.

Consistency and assistance in entering titles / first names.

With each entered character, CAP NAME provides a refined list of first names (Repository of 30,000 names built by CAPENCY in various countries).

If the user has previously selected the title, CAP NAME performs a search for names of the same gender. If the user has entered their first name beforehand, CAP NAME will automatically assign the title based on the gender: male or female.

Assistance with entering the last name.

CAP NAME assists the user in entering their last name.

Specificity: Displaying names based on weighting.

Partner connectors available for quick integration time

batch mode


Correction of first names and last names contained in the database.


CAP NAME BATCH allows restructuring and standardizing the first line of the address in order to format it, in the output, according to postal standards:

  • Identification of first name / last name and placement in the corresponding field
  • Correction or assignment of the title corresponding to the first name
  • Specific processing on compound first names: Martin Jean Baptiste becomes Mr. Jean-Baptiste MARTIN
  • Detection of information not related to the recipient
  • Splitting the Last Name / First Name line into two fields: Last Name + First Name

The benefits of our modules for checking title, first name, and last name

Advanced features

Consideration of accents, abbreviations, removal of forbidden characters, management of a blacklist, etc.

Evolving reference base

Capable of being enriched by the client

Free and non-blocking data entry

In case the first name and last name are not present in the reference base

GDPR compliant

All our solutions comply with current standards

The benefits of our solutions for checking title, first name, and last name are:

while avoiding inconsistencies between the title and the first name
to create closeness with your clients and optimize your marketing campaigns
consistency between titles and first names, lines 1 and 2 of the address written according to postal standards
your titles – last names – first names – companies are isolated to better qualify your fields during corrective treatments
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