Data quality


Assisted input and standardization of postal addresses
RNVP processing on your address databases
Identification of movers and acquisition of new addresses


of erroneous addresses avoided


of postal addresses corrected in the database

Real time


Autocompletion and validation of French and international postal addresses entered on your collection channels (cash register software, website, CRM/ERP…)


By providing suggestions with each keystroke, the CAP ADDRESS modules simplify the customer journey by reducing the time it takes to enter a postal address by approximately 60% to 80%, while ensuring the quality of the provided addresses (7,3% of erroneous addresses avoided).

3 data entry engines available according to your needs:

Single line

Single line address input assistance

Multiple fields

Assisted entry for postal addresses on multiple fields

Interactive RNVP

Interactive RNVP, verification, and normalization of addresses

platform address proposition mistake
platform address proposition
platform screen address

Partner connectors available for quick integration time

Batch mode


Correct and standardize your existing postal address databases to comply with current postal standards

of postal addresses corrected in the database


To ensure optimal results, our curative software strictly follows the steps of an RNVP:


Identify each element of the address to position it in the corresponding field


Remove all punctuation marks, capitalize address lines…

Postal Validation

Compare the address with international geographical reference data

The benefits of our postal address modules

Advanced features

Search by all the words that make up the pathway in phonetics, in abbreviation, management of dyslexia…

International coverage

Across 240 countries through partnerships established with international postal organizations.

SNA Homologation

Since 2007 on our two solutions for standardizing postal addresses, CAP VERIF & CAP RNVP.

GDPR compliant

All our solutions comply with current standards
Complementary solutions


Identification of individuals who have moved and acquisition of their new address.
12% of the French population moves each year. To stay in touch with your customers and avoid a high rate of Undeliverable/Not at Addressed Items, during your campaigns, Capency suggests identifying the contacts affected by this change of addresses in your databases.

Services offered by Capency:

Estocade treatment

Detection of individuals who have moved (identifiable through the expired mail forwarding contract with La Poste) to clean your databases and avoid Undeliverable/Not at Addressed Items (PND/NPAI).

Charade treatment

Identification of addresses for individuals who have moved and acquisition of their new address to maintain the connection with these contacts.

of addresses identified as moved per year

The benefits of our postal address standardization solutions:

Assessment of addresses entered using quality codes.
+30% of usable data with DQM solutions.
Boost up to 10% conversion at the delivery stage
improvement in deliverability rates (+7.32% during our clients’ postal campaigns)
with a decrease in returned packages and Undeliverable/Not at Addressed Items (NPAI/PND)
Data Quality
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