Data quality


Verification and standardization of landline and mobile phone numbers
Validation of phone numbers in the database


of incorrect mobile numbers avoided


of numbers corrected in the database

Real time


Verification and validation of landline and mobile phone numbers entered through your collection channels (point of sale software, website, CRM/ERP…)


In the first step, the user enters the phone number in the appropriate field in the way they prefer (spaces, hyphens, etc.). CAP PHONE will then restructure and standardize the phone number (following the criteria defined by the company) while verifying its existence (3.2% of mobile numbers identified as unutilizable).

The key steps in phone number validation by CAP PHONE

Standardization and uniformization

Depending on the chosen format (national or international) and according to the parameters established by the company

Existence verification

Mobile numbers across 155 countries. For landline numbers, the solution checks consistency between the first 6 digits entered.

Option: Verification of the recentness of the number

Operator deliverability

CAP PHONE returns the associated telephone operator of the number, taking into account portability

Partner connectors available for quick integration time

batch mode


Standardization and validation of phone numbers in the database

corrected numbers in the database


CAP PHONE BATCH is a software program for correcting telephone numbers contained in a database and allowing :

  • Analysis of phone number compliance by countrys
  • Set to selected format (national or international)
  • Standardization of phone number syntax (spaces, hyphens, groups of numbers, etc.)
  • Checking the existence of telephone numbers (in 155 countries for mobiles and for landlines, verification of the first 6 digits)

The benefits of our telephone number validation modules

Advanced features

taking into account numbers belonging to neighboring countries, blacklist management, etc.

International coverage

mobile number control in 155 countries

Detection of the type of number entered

to place it in the right field (fixed or mobile)

GDPR compliant

all our solutions comply with current standards

The benefits of our telephone number validation solutions

to optimize your MDM projects +30% of usable data with DQM solutions
increased deliverability (+4.17% for our customers’ SMS campaigns)
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