#CoffeeBreak: Interview with our CEO, Maxime DELISPOSTI

Maxime, our CEO, engages in the question and answer game! Discover his responses:
  • HR and financial management of the company
  • Development of all business units
  • Anticipating what data will be like in the years to come
  • A project that is still a secret for now, but you will know more in the coming months…
  • Facing the day without knowing what challenges we will encounter
  • Reconnecting with the teams and having moments of sharing
  • Meeting clients/prospects to stay connected to the essentials

The team spirit that we have been able to develop at CAPENCY!

In 15 years, there have been many… If I have to choose, I would say:
– The first signing
– The creation of different entities (Finesis, Rekkolt & Sharizz)
– The moments of laughter and sharing with team members!

A pilot !

The €uro?
More seriously: Smile at life!

☺️ 😉 👍🏻

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