#CoffeeBreak: Interview with our Marketing Director, Magalie PEREIRA

Magalie, our Marketing Director, participates in a Q&A session! Discover her answers:

Since December 2013, so more than 10 years! I am one of the veterans!

  • Implementation of the communication plan for CAP & Cie (Finesis, Rekkolt, and Sharizz)
  • Modernization of our communication tools
  • Preparation for upcoming events

And I’m keeping a bit of suspense for what’s to come… 😉

Miranda PRIESTLY played by Meryl STREEP in The Devil Wears Prada: the same level of demand but much cooler, though (my team members will testify, at least I hope!)

  • Facing daily challenges
  • Being with the teams and sharing moments together
  • Pushing boundaries to achieve goals

Eyes of the Tiger
by Survivors
for the competitive aspect.

School teacher or beautician (I know, not very original).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What a question…

Plat en sauce for the “Homemade” aspect!

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