How to combine data collection and high-traffic periods?

How can data be collected from customers in-store without increasing checkout wait times? How can cart abandonment be prevented on the web to capture data?
Flawless management of peak periods (sales, Black Friday, holiday seasons…) both in-store and online is more crucial than ever, especially when dealing with demanding and fickle consumers.

And let’s be honest, although challenging for your teams, these peak times are the most opportune moments to capture a large amount of data in order to establish a lasting relationship with your customers. With Capency, stack the odds in your favor to improve customer satisfaction in your physical stores and online.

For your customers, waiting in line for several minutes can quickly become a source of annoyance and dissatisfaction, even leading them to abandon their purchase. According to IFOP data, the average wait time at the checkout is around 11 minutes during a “typical” day, so you can imagine the time required during the first weekend of sales.

On the sales associates’ side, data collection takes a backseat to their workload (stock replenishment, organization, labeling, etc.). So, how can you involve the teams in maintaining this task without lengthening the queues?

For over 15 years, Capency’s auto-completion solutions have been assisting sales associates in capturing customer information, reducing the time required to create customer profiles by 60 to 80%, all while ensuring the accuracy of the collected data before it enters the database. With reliable and readily available data upon validation, start initiating the initial interactions with your customers by sending impactful communications!

As you already know, the e-commerce sector is highly competitive, where with a simple click, your customer can head to the competition after spending just a few seconds on your website.

The customer journey on your e-commerce site must be smooth and user-friendly, especially during the registration and payment phases. To address these challenges, Capency accompanies you in optimizing your forms by providing you with all the tips and advice for designing your contact forms.

Capency’s auto-completion modules also represent a crucial asset for your websites as they optimize the user experience by reducing the registration process by threefold while once again ensuring valid data. The benefits are evident: decreased returns, improved email and SMS campaigns, and more.

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