Entering addresses when declaring pensions and annuities

Capency can help you standardize the address format required by the DGFIP for declaring pensions and annuities.

Retirement or disability pensions received in 2023 must be declared to the DGFIP before February 1, 2024.

Retirement, disability and life annuities must be declared before February 1st of each year.

Pensions: sums paid by compulsory basic and supplementary pension schemes, by special schemes and by the State for former civil servants and military personnel.

Perquisites: benefits in cash or in kind received in addition to the pension.

Disability pensions: paid by Social Security following an accident or illness, or pensions awarded by a retirement or provident fund under a compulsory group contract.

Similarly, taxable annuities are subject to the same declarations:
A annuity is an allowance paid regularly by a person or organization (an insurance company, for example) to a designated beneficiary. Whether paid or unpaid, the annuity must be declared before February 1.

There is a specific address format for this type of declaration.

It’s not easy to find your way around!

Are you working in the insurance sector and are looking for a solution to standardize and verify your customers’ postal addresses?

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